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ISC, under the name ISC Medical, operates a separate service for clients who are preparing for medical interviews. Indeed we are Number 1 provider of recruitment solutions for the medical profession, from medical entry all the way to GP salaried and partnership posts, and consultant posts. Our services include:

Consultant posts

ISC Medical is the largest provider of recruitment solutions in the UK for candidates applying to consultant posts. Our success has been built on the personal approach that we take in dealing with our clients, but also by not compromising on the quality of our products or the number of candidates that we take on each consultant interview course (6 people maximum to give you the most benefit and personal attention).

Over the past few years, consultant posts have become increasingly competitive, with candidate-to-post ratios being as high as 100 in some specialties. Even if you are the only candidate, did you know that statistically you only have a 50% chance of success because interviews tend to be harder and the "burden of proof" is greater? To help you beat your competition and optimise your chances of getting your ideal job, we have developed a range of products which will cater for all your needs.

Consultant interview courses
A small-group (6 participants maximum) one-day medical interview course specifically designed for candidates applying to consultant posts in the UK. Runs 4 to 6 times per week to ensure that you have a suitable choice of dates.
Consultant CV writing service
A professional and personalised medical CV writing service for candidates to consultant posts who require a CV as part of their application. If you prefer to write your CV yourself, we also offer a CV writing guide, downloadable immediately.

CT / ST / SpR / Registrar posts

ISC Medical is the primary provider of application and interview skills solutions for doctors in training in the UK. We have built our solid reputation over many years thanks to the quality and the personalisation of the service that we provide. We have developed a range of products especiall targetted at candidates to CT, ST as well as non-training posts. Whether you want some assistance with your medical application form or a forthcoming medical interview, we have a solution that will meet your needs.

CT / ST / SpR interview courses
A small-group based one-day medical interview course specifically designed for candidates applying to CT & ST posts in the UK and also suitable for those applying to Specialist Registrar posts in Ireland, as well as UK non training posts such as clinical fellow or staff grade posts.
CT / ST / SpR CV writing guide (Immediate Download) 
A comprehensive CV writing guide for all doctors applying to CT, ST, SpR or Registrar posts. The guide contains full details on how to approach each section of the medical CV, and includes a Microsoft Word CV template. Downloadable immediately.
CT / ST / SpR Application Form guide (Immediate Download)
A comprehensive guide to the CT & ST application forms across all specialties, providing in-depth guidance on how to find strong content, structure and personalise your answers. Contains information about marking schedules and sample answers for all key questions. Downloadable immediately.
CT, ST & SPR interview skills book
A comprehensive guide to CT, ST & Registrar interview skills. Over 120 medical interview questions, techniques & NHS topics explained.
CT, ST & SPR interview skills guide (download)
This 80-page guide is ideal for those who are in a hurry or want to focus quickly on the key principles of interview preparation.

GP Salaried / Partnership posts

ISC Medical has many years' experience of helping fully qualified GPs and GP trainees obtain salaried and partnership posts. Our CV writing service is extremely popular because of the personal approach that we adopt and the value that we are able to add to individual CVs, enabling applicants to get a large number of shortlistings. We also run a GP interview skills course for salaried and partnership posts, which runs in small groups to ensure you receive the maximum amount of personal attention.

GP Interviews (salaried/partnership) - One To One Coaching
A unique personalised coaching for applicants to GP Partnership and Salaried GP interviews.

GPVTS / GPST posts

ISC Medical is the primary provider of resources and training for entry into GPST / GPVTS, the General Practice training scheme. We were the very first ones to introduce courses specifically for GPVTS/GPST in the UK, and over the years, our books and courses have been praised as some of the most accurate and helpful practice resouces available. That reputation has prompted many trusts contact us to provide in-house courses for their own trainees. Every year, our comprehensive range of GPST/GPVTS books and our small group courses helps hundreds of doctors achieve entry into General Practice training schemes. Our products include the following: 

GPST/GPVTS selection/interview courses (Maximum 12 participants)
A small-group based one-day medical interview skills course specifically designed for candidates applying to Stages 2 and/or Stage 3 of the GPST / GPVTS recruitment process. The most popular courses in the UK, with the small number of participants on each course ensuring a high success rate.
A comprehensive range of books for the GPST Stage 2 exam
A set of three Stage 2 GPST/GPVTS books covering the clinical component Stage 2 exam and the Situational Judgment Test section. Thousands of question to ensure that you get shortlisted for Stage 3.

Two popular books for Stage 3 of the GPVTS/GPST assessment
These two books cover all parts of the Stage 3 assessment day: simulation and task prioritisation. Combined with our GPST preparation course, these two books are often considered by many candidates as the driving force behind their success in getting a place on a GPST / GPVTS rotation.

Medical School Entry

ISC Medical is the leading provider of recruitment solutions for entry into medical school in the UK. Whether you are preparing for the UKCAT or for medical school interviews, we have a solution that suits your needs. Our books and courses are designed to help you optimise your chances of success and relieve your stress for what is one of the most competitive professions.

Medical School Interview Course
Fully interactive interview skills course for all medical schools, providing full coverage of all types of questions (general, personal, ethical, current issues) in a fully participative format. Maximum 15 participants.
Get into Medical School - 600 UKCAT Questions
With over 600 UKCAT practice questions (including a full mock exam) and in-depth explanations spanning over 400 pages, this book shows how to approach abstract, verbal and quantitative reasoning and decision analysis questions; and helps candidates familiarise themselves with all the potential UKCAT traps.
Get into Medical School - Write the Perfect Personal Statement (UCAS)
A unique book to help you write an effective UCAS personal statement for medicine. The book also contains 100 real personal statements from successful medical school applicants. It also offers critiques of personal statements and covers all medical schools including Oxbridge.
Medical School Interviews - A practical guide to help you get that place at medical school. Over 150 questions analysed.
An in-depth look at over 150 medical school interview questions, Covers all questions on motivation for medicine, work experience, personal attributes, ethical issues and scenarios, conflict resolution, and current issues.

8:30am – 8:30pm