Could Interview Coaching Help You Improve Your Interview Skills?

Preparing for a job interview is a busy time, and more people are looking to interview coaching in order to improve their interview skills. 

Conducting research, anticipating questions and planning what to say in response is all part of the interview readiness process, which has become a lot to master in a competitive job market. Perfecting your interview skills is key to success.

Some candidates, although perfectly able to follow the methodology of what to do and when, still find that their strategy is failing to deliver results. For them what is missing from the success equation is the expert input and advice available from a professional interview coach.

High performing sportsmen and women would not consider entering the competitive arena without the support of a coach, and the world’s top business leaders have rarely achieved their goals without hiring an executive coach. Surely then engaging the services of a professional interview coach should be a natural part of excelling at the recruitment process?

Interview Coaching

Let’s look at some of the specific issues which interview coaching can help address:

Employer Research

Often candidates spend hours gathering information in advance of their interview, yet their work is not sufficiently focused on key outcomes.

An interview coach can work with the client to develop a more effective approach to this important task. They provide a challenge function encouraging the candidate to conduct a systematic analysis of the company/employing organisation, the individuals leading it, the sector they operate within and the regulatory framework impacting upon the specific business area.

Question preparation

This phase involves drilling down into the types and layers of questions likely to be asked by the interview panel. Interview coaches have significant experience of all styles of interviews, as well as dealing with particular interview techniques such as funneling, probing and leading questions.

They can help the candidate structure their responses appropriately using approaches such as the STAR technique. This is particularly helpful in competency based interviews and involves talking through examples of previous experiences describing the (S)ituation, (T)ask, (A)ction and (R)esult.

Sessions support candidates’ ability to develop strategies to deal with common interview questions as well as how to handle unexpected questions which may arise.

Physical performance

Delivering the goods on the day is generally the most nerve-wracking part of the interview process. Harnessing the adrenaline generated by this physical reaction is an important part of getting the best out of interview performance.

Coaching can unlock the door to practical, effective strategies for tapping into these feelings and improving outcomes. A qualified, experienced interview coach can also add value by demonstrating optimum body language to adopt in the interview room, as well as providing insights into aspects of delivery such as vocal tone and speed.

Coaches will typically conduct a mock interview to assess the candidate’s current performance before highlighting specific issues to address.


As the end of the interview draws near candidates are often confused about how they should complete the engagement. Although the panel will lead the discussion, it is important that the interviewee manages and controls the interaction as much as possible.

This shows confidence on the part of the candidate and underpins their suitability for the job. Knowing which questions you as a candidate should ask and when is central to this position of control.

The interview coach will provide an insight into useful stock questions which can be tailored to suit particular circumstances. They will also advise on appropriate follow-up action to take in the wake of the interview.

Become a winner and seek out your one to one coaching session with the professional team at Interview Skills Consulting.

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