How to Boost Your Interview Confidence

You may have all the skills and knowledge necessary to deserve the job, but confidence is an important trait to relay at any important job interview. If you don’t have the self-confidence to believe in yourself, the interviewer may not believe in your potential either.

Optimism and hope are often key elements in the job search process. The vital ingredient which is however sometimes lacking is self-confidence.

Having the skills, qualifications and experience necessary to do the job well are of course vital, but even the most capable candidate can flounder at an interview without that vital weapon ‘confidence’ in their armory.

While some people are naturally confident, the reality is that many prospective employees could benefit from a welcome boost in this department.

The good news is that presenting yourself with confidence in an interview situation is something which can be learned. Using these tips and techniques even the shyest and retiring candidate can put themselves forward positively.

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Pre-interview practices

Getting into a confident mindset before you enter the interview itself is essential in terms of delivering an assured and upbeat performance. Check into the confidence zone by:

  • Preparing well in advance

Do your homework on the company, the interviewers, and potential questions. Practice responses out loud and ask friends and family for feedback. Extensive preparation is a critical foundation for confident delivery at interview.

  • Looking your best

Dress professionally and appropriately for the position being interviewed for. Presenting the best possible version of yourself will demonstrate how seriously you are taking the interview and will also reinforce your confidence.

  • Adopting a power pose

Practice sitting and standing in a pose which exudes confidence. This works whether you feel confident or not because when you change your posture it sends a message to your brain-boosting its testosterone and cortisol levels. This chemical reaction automatically enhances the sensation of confidence.

  • Breathing deeply

This will calm your mind allowing you to focus on a confident performance. Take breaths from your lower abdomen for maximum impact.

  • Phoning a positive friend

Reach out to someone who knows you well and will bolster your self-belief before you step into the room. Ask them to remind you about your strengths as part of a pre-interview pep talk.

Throughout the interview

With a confident mindset established, it’s time to demonstrate your aptitude for the post. Build on your pre-interview foundation by:

  • Acting assertively

Smile, make eye contact and if appropriate shake hands with the interview panel. If you have the choice of where to sit then select a good position and own that space. Maintain a stable, positive posture without appearing aggressive.

  • Listening to the panel

Acknowledge questions as appropriate by nodding and responding in a timely way. You may want to paraphrase what has been asked to underline the fact that you are taking in what is being said. Ask questions if you are not clear what the panel wants to find out, and always be polite.

  • Giving concise answers

Get your point across concisely. Don’t feel the need to fill silences if you have covered all relevant information.

  • Highlighting your personal contribution

Use the interview as an opportunity to remind the panel what you can bring to the organisation and why you stand out from the crowd. Practice this part of the interview in advance but make the actual delivery natural.

In a competitive jobs market, getting an informed insight into effective interview preparation and presentation strategies can take candidates over the line in terms of getting hired. Build on the lessons contained in this article by contacting the experts at and reach the top of your interview game.

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