How To Succeed at Skype and Webcam Interviews

Webcam and Skype interviews are becoming more and more common, as they are a cost-effective way for companies to generate a shortlist for face-to-face interviews.

Many people feel webcam or Skype interviews aren’t as important as a face-to-face interview, but the truth is you need to prepare as thoroughly as you would for a traditional interview, as they are equally as important. Here’s a short list of how best to prepare for an upcoming webcam or Skype interview.

Skype Webcam Video Interview

Standard Preparation

The first thing to remember is that this is a job interview. Despite the fact that you will be in different rooms, talking through an internet connection, you still have to follow the standard preparation techniques.

Make sure you research the company and the role, have a few key talking points and try and come up with some of your own achievements that are relevant to the role. You might be tempted to have Google open in the background but remember, they can see you typing!

Try and arrange a time when you know you’ll have plenty opportunity to get yourself ready beforehand and you’re not rushing off to another engagement straight after.

Webcam Interviews

A lot of companies are using Skype interviews now as they are a cost effective way of conducting multiple interviews without the hassle and cost of arranging face to face meetings. The major advantage webcam interviews have over a telephone interview would be that the interviewer and the candidate can actually see each other.

However, the fact that you are not in the room could make it harder for you too really get your personality across.

A huge benefit to you is that you can keep some of your preparation close by for reference. If you have a page of notes or perhaps a list of your relevant achievements handy, you shouldn’t find yourself getting stuck for things to talk about.

Do remember though, if you are constantly checking notes that might be apparent to your interviewer so try and keep them close to the keyboard and use them sparingly.

The Importance of Technology

Make sure you are set up with the right technology before hand. Even if you are familiar with Skype and other webcam technologies, try and get a friend or colleague to help you run practice interviews.

Make sure when practicing that you get your microphone set to the right level and distance from you and that your webcam shows you in the best light. If the picture is coming through to dark, consider moving to a lighter room or adding some artificial light behind the camera.

Make sure you pick a good venue for the interview. If you have a home office then perfect, if not try and smarten up an area of your house and use that. Doing the interview anywhere public could provide unwanted distractions, so avoid cafes and try and find a time when you will be at home and undisturbed for the interview.

The main thing to remember is you should act naturally and treat this as a formal interview, remember that maintaining eye contact in this case means looking at the camera, not the screen. Dress smart, stay relaxed and everything should go swimmingly.

If you want to read on for more advice on distance interviews then please head over to our free information page on webcam interviews. Good Luck!