What Questions Should I Ask After My Job Interview?

An interview for a vacancy at a different company usually fills most applicants or interviewees with plenty of trepidation.

Most interviewees focus solely on preparing to answer the questions asked in the most accurate and sincere manner. However, such interviews present interviewees with the opportunity for asking questions.

The issue for interviewees is to know when to ask the right questions and the right time to ask. The questions should:

  1. Provide the interviewer with a better understanding about you
  2. Demonstrate the interviewee’s interest on the job/employer
  3. Inform you (the interviewee) whether the employer/employment is the right fit

Post Interview Questions

Questions to ask after your Interview

Has the current vacant position changed over time? How?

The goal of asking this question, whether you are a school leaver or an executive, is to learn about the growths that the position has enjoyed. If the position has not expanded and looks like a dead-end, feel free to leave unless career progression is not important to you.

What successes have past employees enjoyed while occupying this position?

The answer to this question will help you know how the company measures success. The answer will provide great details regarding your expectations if you are successful with the interview. The answer should not limit you in any way, but only provide guidelines regarding what to do.

Have you enjoyed working here?

Ask the direct employer this question. If the employer has contracted a different HR firm to do the interviews, exercise some discretion by not asking this question. The answers to this question provide details regarding the employer’s values.

What should the new employee prioritize over the next three months?

The answer to this question shall help you, especially if you are a school leaver with little to no experience, with information regarding what to prioritize immediately you assume office. The answers provide you with clear expectations and goals thus helping you to focus.

What qualities do successful managers have within this company?

This question is perfect when asked by an executive who is interested in a managerial position. It provides answers regarding the core skills as well as competencies that the organization is looking for in its managers.

What are the best ways for collaborating with the manager?

If you begin at the entry-level, which is the case with most school leavers, do not despise knowledge regarding how to collaborate with management. This way, you have a better chance of showcasing your skills on a wide variety of issues directly to the management.

What challenges come with this position?

Do not be afraid to learn what awaits you. Ask this question as a way of learning what you are up against. For example, you could just learn that you must run the department (if you are a manager) on a shoestring budget.

Is there anything good or bad with my qualifications?

This question helps the interviewer to understand your willingness to discuss any vulnerability that might exist within your qualifications. The question communicates confidence and willingness to undergo coaching or further training, if need be.

What does a typical day in this position/job look like?

This question also seeks to prepare you regarding what to expect on a normal, and a not-so-normal day. The answers provide you with ideas regarding what to expect if you qualify for the job.

Whether the interviews require your physical presence, via a phone or webcam, begin preparing yourself to ask the interviewer the right questions. To learn what to do during interviews and the questions to ask, receive the appropriate coaching from experts.

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