Why Should We Hire You? How to Answer the Infamous Job Interview Question

“Why should I hire you?” is one of the most difficult interview questions to answer. You need to communicate how your numerous skills and experiences make you the best possible fit for the role, without coming across as arrogant.

Use these tips to help you tread the boundary between confidence and cockiness when facing this tough interview question.

Why Hire - interview question

Focus On Your Most Relevant Skills

Many candidates make the mistake of straying off the point when presented with a difficult question. You have many skills, but the recruiter only wants to know about the ones that make you a good candidate for the advertised role. That means you shouldn’t waste time talking about your experience of website design if you are applying for a management role in a financial company. Planning what you want to say in response to this question before the interview can help you keep your answer focused and concise.

Back Up Your Claims With Clear Examples

Making claims about your own abilities can seem like hollow bragging, unless you can back them up with examples that demonstrate your skills. For example, if you claim to be a fantastic sales person, let the recruiter know that you exceeded your sales quotas every month for three years while working in your previous position. Use figures wherever possible to quantify your achievements. For example, rather than saying “I made a lot of sales,” state exactly what sales volume you achieved in a particular time period.

Show Your Passion

Skills and qualifications aren’t the only things a recruiter is looking for. The ideal candidate is also passionate about the company, its products or services, and the role they are applying for. Explain what you would most enjoy about the job, whether that is interacting with customers on a daily basis or getting your teeth into tough technical challenges. Showing enthusiasm lets the recruiter know that you really want the job and aren’t simply looking for a stopgap until you find something you prefer. It also shows that you have done your research about the company culture and that you understand the responsibilities you will be required to perform.

Focus on the Employers’ Needs, Not Your Own

One of the worst answers you can give to “why should I hire you?” is “because I need a job.” This tells the recruiter nothing about what you have to offer to the company. Keep the discussion focused on how your skills, experiences and personality traits make you the perfect fit for the role, rather than giving self-centered answers such as “I need to gain experience in this field so I can pursue my career goals.” If appropriate, explain how you plan to revitalize the company’s strategy to attract new customers, make workflows more efficient or improve the morale of the workforce.

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