In-House Solutions for Employers

We provide a range of solutions for employers who wish to assist their employees with promotions, redeployment or redundancies. Whether you are looking for 1/2-day or 1-day workshops, or more individual coaching solutions we can assist you.

We work for small, medium and large companies alike across a wide range of industries, from the public and not-for profit sector, to privatge companies of all sizes. Whether your budget is £50 or £1000 per person, we have a solution for you.

Here are examples of workshops and packages that we have delivered for corporate clients in recent times:

How To Be An Effective Interviewer (One Day)

Delivered in groups of 6-10, this one-day workshop is designed to guide employers in all aspects of the recruitment process. This includes designing the process, to writing a meaningful person specification, setting relevant questions and marking schemes, probing, giving feedback, etc. The workshop also covers the relevant legislation.

Examples of clients for whom we delivered this workshop:

CV Writing & Interview Skills Workshop (One Day)

Ideally delivered in groups of up to 12 candidates , this one-day workshop takes candidates through the various techniques required to write a powerful CV and perform well at interviews. The workshop is very interactive has a substantial practice component which ensures that all candidates can participate and apply the skills they have learnt. Approx. 1/3 of the workshop focusses on CV writing, with 2/3 dedicated to interview coaching.

Examples of clients for whom we delivered this workshop:

Interview Skills Workshop (One Day)

Delivered for groups up to 15 candidates, this one-day interview skills workshop provides a great degree of practice and enables candidates to focus on both basic and advanced interview skills. The workshop can be easily tailored to a range of industries and grades.

Examples of clients for whom we delivered this workshop:

Individual Coaching Packages (One Session Or More Per Employee)

Employers who want to provide a more tailored and individual package to their employees can opt for a more comprehensive and personal package. Such package may include CV writing, interview coaching and even career coachig and counselling. They vary from a simple 2-hour interview coaching session to a package of 6 sessions or more depending on the need.

Examples of clients for whom we delivered this workshop:

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