Successful CV Writing


Your CV is your personal sales document which why it is essential to ensure it is well-written and professionally presented. It is the only tool you have to get to interview stage so investing time and effort is extremely important to give yourself the best opportunity of selling your suitability for the position. Many jobseekers do themselves a disservice by not giving enough importance to this factor and unfortunately, will not get far in the recruitment process despite whatever outstanding achievements they may have accomplished.

The first impression you make on a recruiter will give out a clear message about you. It is perfectly reasonable to understand why a potential recruiter would bin your CV because it is poorly written and presented as it does not sell you as a professional so it is certainly not going to inspire them to want to interview you! Bearing in mind that a recruiter will skim-read CVs in a matter of seconds before deciding whether or not to read it in-depth, it is critical that yours is on the top pile and attracts their attention in those crucial first seconds.

As competition increases in the workplace, so the best jobs are harder to get and therefore you will stand very little chance if your competitors have put in the hard work and produced impressive CVs and yours is only mediocre.  Why would you not want to put yourself on an equal footing with other good candidates and allow them to be invited for an interview whilst you miss out, despite the fact that you could have been a more suitable candidate?!  If you appreciate that getting a job should be viewed as a competition and adopt a winning mindset, that determination to succeed has to start right at the very beginning in the preparation work so it is worth applying this ethos to writing that perfect CV.

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