8. Ten top tips for a good cover letter

  1. Ensure you write to the correct person with the correct spelling of their name
  2. Make sure your own contact details are clearly and correctly written
  3. Try to be more original and avoid overused statements such as ‘I have excellent interpersonal skills’
  4. Remember to tell the recruiter what you can offer rather than what they can do for you
  5. If incorporating some industry buzzwords, do not overdo jargon which can be off-putting
  6. Subtly flatter the company, i.e. ‘you are the industry leader’
  7. Use strong, positive language, i.e. ‘I am confident that…’ rather than ‘I feel/believe that…’
  8. Keep your letter relevant by tailoring it to the individual job role
  9. Do not ramble, keep paragraphs short or use bullet points and do not go over one page
  10. Check and then recheck your spelling, grammar and punctuation